Heavy Equipment Operators

T-Manpower, is supplying qualified, experienced, reliable, certificated and multi-task skilled “Turkish Light&Heavy Machinery Operators” to clients (EPC Contractors and Subcontractors) for permanent and temporary construction workforce solutions for international projects.

Excellent knowledges for to operate:

  • Multi Terrain Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Types of Mini Excavators
  • Hydraulic Crawler and Material Handler Excavators, Super Larger Excavators up to Shovel Excavators
  • Super Long Front Boom and Demolition Long Boom Crawler Excavators
  • Hydraulic Whelled Excavators, Material Handler Whelled Excavators
  • Whelled Loaders, Whelled Motor Grades, Crawler Dozers&BullDozers
  • Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammers for Installation of Sheetpilings

The Competitive Advantage of Turkish Contractors in International Markets is due to the,
Qualified, Experience and Effective Cost Advantages of the Turkish Construction Workforces

  • We have a large teams of experienced ‘Light&Heavy Machinery Operators’ who had successfully worked and can adapt to the size of International construction projects
  • We are supplying qualified ‘Light&Heavy Machinery Operators’ in all types of structural and infrastructure projects for our clients all around the World.
  • We supply the ‘Light&Heavy Machinery Operators’ requested by our customers from the successful teams whom we worked with in our previous projects. This is our biggest Advantages that clearly distinguish us from other consulting companies

Skills - Qualities - Advantages - Abilities of  Turkish Equipments Operators:

- Excellent knowledges for deep Excavations with open-cut methods, bracing supports, trench box and sheetpiling systems
- Expertise for to excavate types of structures at interior and narrow workings spaces on Fast, Sensitive and Safe modes
- Machinery operators with the ability to use type of construction equipments with International accreditation standard licenses
- Fast and high-quality, qualified, experienced, reliable, punctual and multi-task capacity of machine&equipment operators
- Certified machinery operators with professional qualification certificates in International Accreditation Standards
- With the experience and professional expertise in overseas construction projects, they can successfully operate equipments
- Following the instructions of their superiors on construction sites for to carryout the instructions as relayed to him on time
- High performance production capacity with their physical strengths in challenging geographic conditions and irregular timesheets
- Decision makings on hard-risky working conditions, fast-paced works, repetitive tasks, tight deadlines, complex overtime schedules