We are utilizing our construction workforce consultancy experiences solutions
for world’s most complex and demanding  projects

T-Manpower supplies and manages the construction workforce teams which are needed for the most demanding projects of EPC Contractors from the Mobilization to Provisional Acceptance process either in workforce Teams or with Subcontractor Project Management Systems.

T-Manpower management team previously worked as a Senior Engineer level and above on Major International Projects.

Our consultancy team of experts, has many years of engineering experience and knowledge which enables us to provide the best construction labour supply solutions to the most reputed companies of major construction projects

Technical Staffs, Foremans, Team Leaders, Skill Labours and Equipments Operators that has been requested by our customers are selected from our experienced colleagues with whom we have worked in previous projects

Construction teams are selected with the utmost of care to ensure that our high standards of quality, and expertise are met.

Many of the qualified labour and engineers in our data base have been work with T-Manpower for many years

This is our biggest advantage that clearly distinguishes us from other consulting companies

White Collar Technical Staff Workforce:

  • Civil Engineers, Architects, Techinicians, Quality Control Engineers, Planning&Scheduling Engineers,
  • Health&Safety Engineers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Senior Project Managers

Blue Collar Skill Labous Workforce:

  • Foreman Workforces - Rough Structure Workforces - Fineworks/Finishing Workforces
  • Infrastructures Workforces - Machine&Equipment Workforces - Montage and Welding Workforces

Whether you are a small but growing construction company or a major company planning future projects.
Please contact our construction workforce supply consultants for more information on,
We will help you simplify and manage your demanding construction business