Steel Structures Welder Labour Teams

The success of Turkish contractors in the international markets is due to the qualified, skilled and cost advantage of the Turkish Manpowers.

We are supplying our clients's requested construction labours, mostly from our previous projects who works us together
This is our biggest Advantages that clearly distinguish us from other consulting companies

Skills - Qualities - Advantages - Abilities of Turkish Steel Fixer Labours:

  • Fast&quality Re-bar installations
  • Following the engineering diagrams and instructions  
  • Reading and calculating the technical Re-bar drawings
  • Installing the different types and sizes of re-bars with acceptabel material loss
  • To Expert in Using, cleaning, maintaining, adjusting&calibrating of of bending and cutting of Equipments
  • Installing and dismantling of all different types of Folding, Bracket Platform other Scaffolding systems 
  • Decision makings on hard working conditions
  • Physical stamina fitness for hard working conditions 
  • Verbal communication with consultant engineers 
  • Follow the instructions of their superiors