Steel Fixer Labour Supply

Construction Steel Bending and Fixing is one of the specialized work of the construction industry.

T-MANPOWER, is supplying qualified, experienced, certificated, reliable, punctual and multi-task skilled “Turkish Steel Fixer Labours” to clients for permanent and temporary workforce solutions for international construction projects

The Competitive Advantage of Turkish Contractors in International Markets is due to the,
Qualified, Experience and Effective Cost Advantages of the Turkish Construction Workforces

  • We have a large team of experienced “Steel Fixer Labours” who had successfully worked and can adapt to the size of International construction projects
  • We are supplying qualified ‘Steel Fixer Labours’ in all types of structural and infrastructure projects for our clients all around the world.

We are supplying our clients's requested construction labours, mostly from our previous projects who works us together

This is our biggest Advantages that clearly distinguish us from other consulting companies

Working Areas: Renovations, Maintenance, Repairs, Superstrcutures, Infrastructure projects

Skills-Qualify-Advantages and Abilities of Turkish Steel Fixer Labours:

✔  With the experience and professional expertise in major overseas projects, They can successfully realize projects of any size

✔  Successful installation of all types of Re-bars with their experience and professional skills in demanding international projects

✔  Fast and high-quality Re-bar installations, qualified, experienced, reliable, punctual and multi-task capacity Steel Fixer Labours 

✔  Certificated Turkish workforces with International Norms and Accreditation Standards with professional qualification documents.

✔  Performing Re-bar installations according to the aproved contstruction methods of statements and to fulfill the instructions

✔  Specialized in cutting, bending and installing the different sizes of heavy-duty Re- bars for complex and demanding projects

✔  Installing and dismantling of all different types of Doka/Peri Load-bearing, Folding, Bracket Platform Scaffolding systems 

✔  Ability to operating related cut-bending equipments, expertise in hand tools, physically strong for lifting and handling of Re-bars

✔  Experienced in repairing, maintenance, adjustment and calibration of Re-bar Cutting and Bending Machine&Equipments

✔  Ability to estimate and calculate of required materials and the amount of areas to be completed and needed for double checking.

✔  High Performance production capacity with their physical strengths in challenging geographic gonditions and irregular timesheets

✔  Ability to read, follow and interpret blueprints, technical schematics, drawings, sketches to determine requirements on site

✔  Able to work with high performance with their physical strength and endurance in all kinds of hardly geographical condition

✔  Decision makings on hard working conditions, fast-paced works, repetitive tasks, tight deadlines, complex overtime schedules

✔  Ability to, erect and disassemble shorings, braces, fences, traffic barricades, ramps, barriers and other temporary structures.

✔  Ability to operate of power tools (saws, drills, planes, sanders, routers, grinders) and jackhammers and drills to break up concretes