Engineering Consultants that form the Backbone of T-Manpower;
Provides Strategic Solution Partnership to contractors with its extensive knowledge and experience

  • FIDIC Contract Agreements, Technical Specifications - Drawings - Red Books, BOQ Analysis, Dispute Solutions,
  • Construction Methods Statements, Quality Management Systems, HSE Management Systems and Labor Laws,

The Expert Engineering Management Teams of T-Manpower;

  • Our Consultancy team, has years of engineering experience and knowledges which makes us to provide best reliable workforce supply solutions to the most reputed companies on major projects.
  • T-Manpower management teams, extensive of experience in the field of Civil Engineering and have been actively involved in the position of Executive Engineer in major constructional sectors.
  • It will helps to to provide best skilled labour supply for companies of major constructional sectors around the World.
  • Construction teams are selected with the utmost of care to ensure that our high standards of quality, and expertise are met.
  • Most of the skilled labours and engineers in our database have worked on the same projects as T-Manpower for many years. This is our biggest advantage that clearly distinguishes us from other consulting companies

T-Manpower's Business Role and Aim;

  • To provides the necessary qualified and reliable Turkish Workforce with Negotiable Rates and Flexible Contracts in order for their customers to successfully complete construction projects in the most demanding geographies from mobilization to final acceptance with high cost advantages.

Our Turkish Workforce that we supply to Major EPC Contractors;
Provides competitive advantages in Global construction markets.

  • Fast& Quality Installations  - Time Managements - Operational & Effective Cost Savings

We Believe in Quality Rather Than Quantity,
We strive to provide the best quality service to ensure that our customers succeed in their projects.
We are confident that our final award will bring us more qualified business in the future

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