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T-Manpower is bringing innovative solutions with experienced and qualified Turkish Workforce supply to Major EPC Contractors and Sub-Contractors. Many years of expertise in workforce services, we carry out all activities according to the needs of our clients.

  • Customer Oriented Approach & Strategic Solution Partnership
    T-Manpower Engineering Consultants who forming the backbone of company, provides a Strategic Solution Partnership with its deep knowledge and experience in FIDIC Contract Agreements, Technical Specifications, Drawings, Red Books, Employer’s Requirements, Dispute Solutions, BOQ Analysis, Construction Methods of Statements, Quality Management Systems, HSE Managements and Labor Laws.
  • Experienced Civil Engineer Consulting Team:
    • Our consultancy team of experts, has years of Engineering experience and knowledges which enables us to provide experienced, qualified and reliable construction workforce supply solutions to most reputed companies of major construction projects.
    • Construction workforces teams are selected with care to ensure that our high standards of quality and expertise are met.
    • Most of the skill labours and engineers in our database have worked on the same projects as T-Manpower for many years.
    • This is one of our biggest advantage that clearly distinguishes us from other consulting companies
  • One Supplier & One Relationship
    • With T-Manpower's approved workforce pool with more than 3,000 qualified Turkish Workforce disciplines of construction professionals.
    • From a single supplier and scaled up or down the workforce that you require for demanding construction projects, which can minimise future disputes and complaints
  • Operational Cost Savings and Reliable Manpowers
    • Contractors need to build the best construction teams with the right recruitment processes to ensure reliable construction workforce in their projects.
    • The lack of professional expertise of recruitment (Human Resources) in the construction sector often leads to the incorrect project reams at the beginning of the contract
    • This not only increases the operating costs of the company, but also adversely affects the quality and success of the project.
    • However, to find qualified and reliable construction teams, you need to know the capacity of expert construction teams very well.

With T-Manpower, contractors starts mobilisation and successfully completes the ‘provisional acceptances to get taking over certificates with Turkish labour teams who comply with International certificates norms and accreditation standards

  • Negotiable Rates and Flexible Contracts
    • Contractor companies require Long Term and Permanent Workforce to newly started projects, and need Labour teams that will work in Temporary Status within the projects that are going to be finished, and lack of Temporary or Final Acceptance.
    • Due to the short duration of these productions, many Labour Suppliers or Subcontractors do not want to bid for these short term works or their bids are much higher than the market conditions and cause the Contractors to exceed the budget and damage their reputations.

 We offer solutions to experienced and qualified Turkish Workforce teams who will work in Temporary Status with our Flexible Contracts, for EPC Contractors and Sub-contractor companies operating in challenging and risky geographies.

  • Certificated Workforce Pool in International Accreditation Standards
    T-Manpower supplies certified, experienced and multitasking Turkish Workforce Labours with professional qualification documents in accordance with International Accreditation standards who can successfully perform Superstructure, Fine-Works, Infrastructure projects as a solution partner for International contractors.

 Our Approved Manpower Pool size is over 3,000 Turkish Skill Labour and Technical Staff with different types of construction professionals

White Collar Key Technical Staff
- Technical Staff  we supply are qualified from recognised institutes and are highly motivated individuals.
- With the experience and professional expertise in overseas projects, They can successfully realise projects of any size
- Excellent knowledge, procedures, organisation, leadership and multi-tasking skills of construction operations
- They are trained to work under different circumstances and are able to perform under differing compelling situations.
- To make decisions in complex situations and in challenging working conditions with physical stamina for hard conditions

Blue Collar Skill Labours
- The skilled Turkish Workforce that we supply are experienced, multi task skilled and qualified to the highest level.
- With the experience gained in major projects, productions can be realised quickly with quality and acceptable material loss.
- They have the ability to make decisions in difficult working conditions and complex situations
- They perform well with their physical strength, endurance under all geographical conditions
- Reading technical drawings and drawings, computer skills and instructions are carried out successfully.

  • Business Contacts with International Workforce Consultant Network Offices
    • T-Manpower keeps in touch with the protocol agreements it has signed with corporate Workforce Consultancy companies and Employment Agencies operating in Europe, America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

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